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Our Strengths

• Attentive listening and availability
• Pro-active approach and adaptability
• Seriousness and rigorous discipline
• Innovative and adapted tools


We organized our first Congress over 50 years ago!

Our exceptional longevity in that competitive sector takes root in our deep and sound knowledge and understanding of both the inside workings of congresses and conferences and the special legislation which applies to some business activities.
We love our work: our aim is to always assist our clients and partners in the step by step setting up of their convention, including preparation, progress and finalization. Constantly endeavoring excellence, we guarantee flexibility, reactivity and availability to cater for the most demanding clients and highest requirements of quality and efficiency.


Mathez is a family business and its efficiency is partly based on an organization kept simple: approval process and resulting action are undertaken in a timely manner : it should always be a short time from listening attentively to the customer’s needs and wishes to the formulation, implementation of a plan to attain them and assist in its realization.

Organizing conventions and conferences implies facing challenges of all kinds (coordination of speakers, availability/adequacy of staff and equipment required, logistics etc.) There are so many factors to consider and calling for specific solutions that our customers are due to need the help of a local expert. We constantly strive to bring them an added value in the services we offer. Going beyond our technical skills and concern for excellency and security to provide our clients with, we are strongly committed to keeping a number of values in our relations with clients, collaborators and partners: mutual trust, loyalty, respect, honesty and ethics, transparency and flexibility.
Last but not least, carefully listening to you and counseling you are core aspects of our trade to anticipate your needs….We stand by your side at all times throughout your project.
Our best reward will always be the renewed trust of our clients and partners!

  • research and site inspections of possible venues that may host your congress
  • Design and daily management of the website created for and dedicated to your event with your graphics and logo (useful information, online registration including accommodation, online payment)
  • Management of registrations to the congress and to the various related activities
  • Management of accommodation with online availabilities for exhibitors and participants (regular inspection visits at hotels, meetings with hotel managers, negotiations of rates, allotments and payment and cancellation policies; constant monitoring of available rates found on Internet)
  • Management of the exhibition (map floor with stands lay-out, design and distribution of the exhibitor’s tender specifications, financial management and monitoring)
  • Management of sponsors
  • Social Program (official dinner for speakers, welcome reception, gala dinner, excursions for companions)
  • Printing, storage, delivery and handing out of badges
  • Audiovisual equipment, WiFi
  • Meet & Greet, Reception and Hospitality arrangements
  • VIP transfers
  • Transferts VIP
  • All transfers from/to airport, hotels and congress center or venue
  • Transportation at preferential rates (air land, rail)

Our Strengths

• Great Reactivity
• Full Transparency
• Proven Experience and Passion for our work
• Attentive Approach & Constant Availability
• Flexibility and Adaptability
• Services delivered at a fair value


The Mathez Voyages Group : your reactive, efficient and reliable partner

We are able to provide a truly all-inclusive offer for the organization of your seminars and conventions in France and abroad.
Competitiveness, motivation and contribution of a real added value are our guiding principles and self-imposed requirements to assist you in organizing your company’s special events.


We are eager to anticipate every detail so that for each and every one the event results in a unique experience. We will be by your side through all the steps of your event, and more than a classic customer/supplier relation, we aim at building a true partnership with you. We can adapt to your constraints and expectations. Your event is to be not only special; it must be just as you had dreamed it could be and allow you to create a lasting impact, creating strong connections with your clients or strengthening your teams’ cohesion.

  • Air and rail transportation arrangements
  • Research and site inspection of possible destinations and venues
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Meet & Greet, Reception and Hospitality desks
  • Meetings
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Entertainment and Activities
  • Excursion program & exclusive visits
  • Team Building
  • Sports challenges (skiing, regattas, golf..) and friendly contests
  • Privatization of amusement parks
  • Rallies and Treasure Hunts
  • Cooking classes, wine tastings and oenology lessons, private lectures
  • Signage and Signposting
  • Luncheons & dinners
  • Gala evenings
  • Dedicated website for each event

Our Services and Assets

• Online reservations
• Negotiated rates
• Full-Time Availability, 24hours a day, 7 days a week


Partner for all your business travel

Our all-inclusive offer also gives you the opportunity to use the services of our business travel ticketing office
We work in full cooperation with you to define your travel policy, taking into account all your needs and requirements concerning comfort, service and cost. To achieve this, we negotiate for you the best possible rates with the various suppliers, using our higher volume of business as an asset.
We can sell tickets for all air, land, rail and sea travels at preferential rates; we are also licensed to handle hotel reservations and car rental bookings.


We can propose an online booking service using the latest available modern technology.
Our ticketing service will allow you to manage your trip independently using our interface. Just pick your preferred means of transportation, hotel and vehicle, and in one click you can can get our best possible guaranteed rates.

Should you need any help or advice, you just have to call. One of our staff will answer your queries and provide you with the required guidance to organize your business trip in the most convenient and cost effective way.

With our Quality Approach you will enjoy the full assistance and services of a dedicated, qualified and experienced team to ensure a top class fully customized service all along your trip.

Our Services and Assets

  • Booking of all travel tickets - air, train, sea
  • Car rental
  • Hotel reservations
  • Definition of a travel policy corresponding to your needs
  • Online reservations
  • Visa Application procedures
  • Personalized follow-up
  • Negotiated rates
  • Analysis of costs through a reporting system
  • Full-Time Availability, 24hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Monitoring of travel impacting information (strikes, social movements, bad weather…)
  • Newsletters

With our Quality Approach you will enjoy the full assistance and services of a dedicated, qualified and experienced team to ensure a top class fully customized service all along your trip.

Discretion, availability and rigorous discipline are essential requirements in our profession; this is why we set up a 24-hour service to ensure you may always travel with serenity.

Our newsletters will regularly inform you about any new promotion or opportunity.
A personalized follow-up will also allow you to be informed about any item which may have an impact on your journey:

  • Strikes
  • Social movements and demonstrations
  • Bad weather forecasts

Our Strengths

• Expertise and know-how perfected over 80 years of experience
• A well-staffed and knowledgeable competent local team
• Full-time availability – 7 days a week during cruising season
• Presence on all the main French ports, no subcontracting to local sub-agents
• A permanent research for new and innovative products and ideas in order to offer a wide variety of quality full-day or half-day trips, for individuals or groups ranging from 10 to over 2000
• Exclusivity of a number of products
• Modern technological tools (headsets, digital tablets…) to enhance guests’ experience


Expertise and know-how perfected over 80 years of experience

Our Cruise department, which offers both land arrangements (tour operator, incoming services) and maritime logistics (port agent) activities, is one of our major features.
We were one of the very first agencies in France to include this activity in our offer; We believe we still are the one who has the most permanent full-time staff dedicated to it.

Our shore excursions are conceived and engineered in our various local offices giving the greatest care to closely cater to your guests’ specific demographics and schedule constraints (dates of call, time in port taking into account eventual tendering operations). For the last 30 years our cruise teams have endeavored to enhance their creativity and to constantly seek out new products.



Our collaborators are all recruited locally for their in-depth knowledge of the regions in which we are operating. This ensures their having all the useful local contacts (guides and suppliers, port authorities, city council…) and their good reactivity to face any unforeseen event.
These local teams have for the most part been working with us for over 15 years and master the overall logistics involved both at the conception stage and on the management and control of operations on the field.

Our teams are always totally involved and guarantee a permanent follow-up; they are physically present and available on the pier to supervise the overall organization themselves and make sure all goes well until the end. They are available 7 days a week during the high season and are prepared to handle all situations including the most difficult; they will always find the appropriate solutions for the cruise passengers’ best convenience (last minute change of itinerary including change of call port or modification of times in port in case of bad weather, heavy traffic). Keeping always posted of all local current happenings, we will inform you of any situation which may impact the normal sequence of your calls and planned itineraries, or which may offer a new opportunity to include further services. We also regularly carry out inspections on our service providers’ installations and equipment to guarantee optimum quality for your excursions.

Last but not least, we constantly try to invest in new technology so as to have the most modern tools available for our clients (headsets, digital tablets…)

With branches in Paris, Marseille, Cannes, Nice and Monaco, we cover all the main continental French ports on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts.

Our Strengths

• “Savoir faire” and expertise
• Fashion Show


If you are planning to organize a Trade Show or Fair, you may take advantage of our comprehensive “savoir faire” and expertise.

We are now an experienced and recognized player in the organization of ready-to-wear (“prêt-à porter”) clothing fashion shows and we are thus able to create for the presentation of your collections a spectacular or more casual fashion show, either in France or abroad.


If you are planning to organize a Trade Show or Fair, you may take advantage of our comprehensive “savoir faire” and expertise.

  • Research for suitable locations, sites and venues
  • Negotiations of rates
  • Accommodation for exhibitors
  • Full management of the exhibition hall (tender specifications for the exhibitors, map floor and lay-out of stands and booths..)
  • A dedicated website
  • Supply, delivery and handling of all equipment required
  • Booths scenography
  • Hiring of temporary extra staff
  • Conception and organization of activities & evening events
  • Handling of all transportation needs at preferential rates

We guarantee you a fully personalized follow-up. Our team will be by your side until the end and at all the key stages of your project.

Our Strengths

• A creative approach
• Attention given to detail
• A well-tested Methodology
• Constant and careful respect of the customers’ requirements and budget constraints


Attention to detail and “savoir faire”: our best way to deserve your praise.

Acting as the deputy chief conductor of your event we strive to meticulously and successfully fill all the missions defined in your specifications. To achieve this, we can rely on our expertise, our attention to details and our high quality requirements. Our teams and our partners both provide rigorous discipline coupled with artistic creativity in order to ensure a high quality and original fully-customized service.


Our dedicated project leader and his/her team will be by your side from the very begining, throughout the event, and for all post-event actions. Your projects become our projects….and our teams become your teams.

  • Research of adequate venues and site inspections to check their suitability for a particular project
  • Assistance in the conception and fine-tuning of programs and budgets
  • Scenography
  • Decoration and stage directing
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Catering
  • Animation
  • Communication on the event (including graphics standards/original artwork)
  • Transportation & transfers
  • Accommodation arrangements for the participants
  • A fully-dedicated website for each major event